BIMA On-Demand Webinar
BIMA On-Demand Webinar
BIMA x Forecast Hangout | How to Maximise Profit while Minimising Burnout
On-Demand Webinar
45 Mins
On-Demand Webinar
45 Mins

BIMA x Forecast Hangout | How to Maximise Profit while Minimising Burnout

A 45-minute discussion and interactive Q&A with Forecast to find out how to maximise profit while minimising burnout.

The agency world not only navigated the stormy pandemic successfully enough to stay afloat, but many of you managed to streamline your processes and adapt your ways of working to become more successful than ever. The working landscape has changed more in the last two years than it ever has and now project-based businesses must maximise their profits whilst minimising employee burnout… but how can you do the latter when you're too inundated with client work to give your people enough attention?

The hangout covers:

  • Understanding and filling your skills gap,
  • Retaining your employees in a competitive market,
  • Have you snapped back to pre-pandemic ways of working? Do you even want to?

Main themes:

  • Influx of clients’ work
  • Burnout
  • Retention
  • Pre-pandemic vs. now
  • Maximising profit

Melanie  Lawn

Melanie Lawn



Mel has been CCO at Forecast for five months - responsible for all things customer post sale. Mel joined Forecast due to her expertise scaling high-growth software businesses to acquisition or IPO. Prior to Forecast, Mel played a role in the growth and sale of Peakon for $700M. Mel is fully adverse in navigating aggressive change and pivoting teams to embrace and excel during change. Her career began in PR, marketing and brand agencies - the likes of Freud Communications and Text 100, therefore Mel also understands the grit that goes into agency life!
Caroline Goodwin

Caroline Goodwin

Operations Director


Caroline started her career at NatWest in the ecommerce department before making the move to digital agencies in 2000. Since then she has specialised in product and experience design working for clients as diverse as HSBC, Dulux and T-Mobile. As Operations Director at Tangent, she leads the project management and delivery functions, ensuring we deliver for our clients, provide a rewarding experience for the team and maintain a profitable business. Tangent is an independent digital agency with offices in London, Newcastle and Valencia. We develop digital products for large enterprises such as SAP, IWG and REED, as well as smaller organisations such as Codility and Tommy’s.
Rhodri  Coleman

Rhodri Coleman

Operations Director


As the Operations Director, Rhodri's focus is maximising the value and impact of the business. This involves everything from growing and evolving our design-team, ensuring everyone has the right tools, to creating efficient workflows and cultivating Foolproof culture.

In short, he helps create the optimal environment for the business by removing the associated operational overhead. This creates the time and headspace for our everyone to focus on what they do best, which crafting great work.

Before joining Foolproof , Rhodri enjoyed four exciting years serving all over the globe as a Commissioned Officer in the British Army. The skills and experience he gained during that time positioned him well to deal with the everyday challenges of working for a market-leading digital agency.

Outside of work he enjoys a range of activities, from looking after his young sons, enjoying classic Disney films to being thrown around a cage in mixed martial arts (MMA).