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WP Engine On-Demand Webinar
BIMA Hangouts | Born to Influence: How to Market to Gen Z
On-Demand Webinar
On-Demand Webinar

BIMA Hangouts | Born to Influence: How to Market to Gen Z

For every generation, the human experience is now a digital experience. But more than any other, Generation Z is defined and shaped by digital – and in return Gen Z shapes and defines digital for everyone else.

How should marketers respond? In the final part of its Gen Z event trilogy, WP Engine will dive deeper into its study of Gen Z behaviour to explore:

  • Gen Z’s influence on marketing
  • Gen Z’s influence on marketing to every other generation; and
  • How marketing can meet the needs of the most digital dependent – and digital savvy – generation yet

With powerful insights and practical tips to help you connect with the influencer generation, join us to find out what matters most to Gen Z, and what that means for you.


Generation Z is a guiding force for the adoption of technologies across all generations. This is a generation that represents up to $150 billion in buying power yet influences $600 billion in spending globally and now accounts for around 40% of global consumers. Gen Z matters. Arguably, because of its power to influence, Gen Z matters more than any other generation.

Yet traditional marketing has failed to meet Gen Z’s needs. WP Engine’s study has shown that the way to reach this growing audience is through understanding how they use it. For those businesses able to do that most effectively, the rewards could be huge.

In this event, you’ll find out more about why engaging with Gen Z matters – and how to do it effectively.


Helen Wallace

Global Lead for Adobe Creative Cloud

Deloitte Digital

James Hall

Agency Alliances Lead

WP Engine

Lore Oxford

Global Head of Cultural Insights

We Are Social

Lloyd Tuckey

Head of Technology

Digitas UK

Rani Patel-Williams

Business Partner