ForrestBrown On-Demand Webinar
ForrestBrown On-Demand Webinar
BIMA X ForrestBrown Hangouts | R&D Tax Credits & Business Recovery
On-Demand Webinar
On-Demand Webinar

BIMA X ForrestBrown Hangouts | R&D Tax Credits & Business Recovery


In 2016/17, the average R&D tax credit claim value was £51,075. By 2018/19, that figure had risen to £63,296. Why are claim values on the rise – and does your R&D tax credit claim stack up? Whether you’re a first time or long-time claimant, R&D tax credits can support your pandemic recovery strategy.

For the latest in our series of business recovery BIMA Hangouts, we’ll be speaking to BIMA partner and the UK’s largest R&D tax credit specialist company ForrestBrown. To date, ForrestBrown has helped over 70 BIMA members claim £34 million in R&D tax credits.

Together with BIMA members and ForrestBrown’s digital specialist Rob Lowe and director Adam Kotas CTA, we’ll explore:

  • Why software R&D claims are rising
  • How to use your R&D funding strategically to support post-pandemic business recovery
  • What a robust R&D tax credit claim looks like
  • What to do if yours isn’t stacking up


HMRC’s annual R&D tax credit statistics show that the uptake of the incentive among software and digital businesses is booming. But not only are there more claims, claim values for the sector are at a record high as well.

This session will explore how to take a strategic approach to your R&D funding.


Your Host:

Ian Finch, MD of Mando Group and Chair of BIMA North West Council

Our Speakers:

Rob Lowe, Senior Digital Sector Specialist, ForrestBrown

Tazz Parker, Head Of Marketing at Digital Detox

Adam Kotas, Director, ForrestBrown

Sally Lincoln, MD, Nomensa