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Deltek On-Demand Webinar
From Vision to Action: Agency Management in Changing Times
On-Demand Webinar
On-Demand Webinar

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From Vision to Action: Agency Management in Changing Times

Management in changing times is never easy. In this webinar, you’ll hear industry experts/agency executives and clients share their experiences of how to successfully lead an agency through disruption. And there’ll be lots of practical insights to help you define and stay focused on your strategic vision and implement your chosen initiatives.

Key takeaways:

  • How to stay focused on what matters most
  • Change management in a creative environment
  • Tips on how to conduct business reviews, implement new processes and technologies, manage human factors, etc.


In the last few months, we’ve seen unprecedented changes in our industry and society and made critical decisions to combat or adapt to them. Now, as business enters a new phase, so do the requirements on and expectations of leaders. This webinar will help equip you with more tools to manage the continuing change.


Esther Carder - Partner at Moore Kingston Smith

Emma Robertson - CEO at ENGINE Transformation

Carl Witton - Global Business Director, Deltek Agency Solutions

Tom Phillips - Co-Founder & MD at Connecting Plots

Lucy Doubleday - Managing Partner, We Are Social