BIMA On-Demand Webinar
BIMA On-Demand Webinar
BIMA Huddle | Client Services Community
On-Demand Webinar
On-Demand Webinar

BIMA Huddle | Client Services Community

Meet BIMA's Client Services Champions as they discuss working though the pandemic.

We held our first Client Services Huddle at the end of July and had a fantastic group of people taking part from across the NW of England and Scotland.

Part 1 

How are you, your business and within the changes we’ve all seen what have you been doing to support your clients?
‘Our clients resilience is our resilience.’ Andrea Westwick

Part 2 - 13.17
How has your day to day and client relationships changed and how have you had to diversify through the pandemic?

Part 3 - 31.52
Building relationships with new clients is now different, and what has this looked like?

Part 4 - 38.19
Maintaining team dynamics has become a huge challenge.  What new and inventive ways have you been working to support this?

Part 5 - 42.08
Wrapping up - what are the key lessons learnt so far and what will be staying with us as the ‘new normal’?


Paul DiamondCommercial Director, Kin + Carta

Andrea Westwick - Head of Digital Production, After Digital

Raveen Panesar - Account Manager, Apadmi

Christina Smith - Account Manager, Apadmi

Katy White - Client Director, Dept